Introducing all of leather crafts.
My Leather, which has been in operation since 2009,
It started with leather. Cut, attach, finish, and stitch
the leather The process until the product is completed
is difficult and difficult,
but I love the joy I feel at the last stage It seems to be keeping this position.
This joy to those who start leather crafts
We share through the operation of the site we want to share.
We will endeavor to become a reliable supporter
for the development of leather craftsmen.

If you meet the following,
we will Please knock on the door of My Leather tool ^^
-I am confident in making anything.
-I have an attachment to my things.
-I want to have a new hobby.
-I want to make my own props.
-What you start once sees the end.
-I want to enjoy life.
-Good smell of leather Those who say the above is my love,
even now Try leather craft...
We will help ^^
My Leather Tool